St. Vincent Drops New Track And Announces Upcoming Album

‘Masseduction’ will come out October 13

“Putting out a record is like having a bridezilla style wedding every two to three years,” St. Vincent, aka Annie Clarke, said during an awkward Facebook Live video this morning. “Except, in this case, you’re walking down the aisle to your own music by yourself, to yourself.” If that’s the case, we finally have a save the date for her big day: October 13, and it goes by the name Masseduction.

That’s “mass seduction” not “mass education,” she clarifies. “You’re probably wondering and the answer is, yes, I did toy with naming the record 'ass education,' but it seemed to me that was much better suited to be the title of the sequel.” This non-hypothetical project was co-produced by the “luminous” Jack Antonoff and recorded between New York and L.A. And, in keeping with the theme of weddings, Clarke declares that Masseduction is about love “at its best and at its core.”

The singer also announced a new single, “Los Ageless,” which will please fans of the “old” St. Vincent’s electro-pop sound. Her first single, “New York,” was a breakup ballad of sorts dedicated to someone who shall not be named. But maybe it was her way of breaking up with the city, also. Because, from what we’re hearing, she seems much happier in the city of angels (or the city of eternal youth?). “In Los Ageless the waves they never break/ Build and build until you don’t have no escape/ But how can I leave/ I just follow my hood to the sea.”

Listen to the new track, below, and watch Clarke’s full album announcement press conference, here.