Have You Tweeted Your Distaste for the Title of the New Star Wars Movie?

by nylon

Earlier today, news broke that next Star Wars film will be called The Force Awakensmore

, a title that's certainly better than The Phantom Menace, as EW.com points out, but well short of inspiring. Some might say it sucks. Some have, in fact—many in 140 characters or less.

Not surprisingly, it didn't take long for The Force Awakens to start trending on Twitter, and below are a handful of tweets from Star Wars fans who are miffed, nonplussed, and/or amused by the title. If you guessed there'd be a lot of sleep and dick jokes, congratulations: The force is strong in you.

As EW reports, the just-wrapped flick won't hit theaters for 13 months, as director J.J. Abrams and his team undertake the lengthy post-production process, so that will give folks plenty of time to get behind their keyboards and bicker about the future of the franchise.