stash x reebok city classics collection

iconic brand + iconic artists =’s classic

by Josh Madden

Let's start this whole thing off by saying we are partial to the Reebok Classic sneaker because we graduated from high school in a pair. Yes, growing up we had the classic white and the classic black versionS of these shoes and we're pretty convinced that at some point in your life, you had these kicks on your feet, too. The Classics turn 30 this year and what better way to celebrate the brand's most successful sneaker than to collaborate with world renowned artist Josh Franklin AKA STASH? This legendary artist got his start in graffiti but as many graffiti artists do, has begun to use all manner of objects as his canvas. For the City Classics collection STASH brought together a dozen of the world's preeminent grafts writers, each from a different city around the globe, to have their way with and design their own distinct-looking shoe. Each different artist created a design that represents their home city in their own signature style. It just so happens that we know STASH and got a hold of one of his classic pairs. For his personal design he kept them pretty minimal, just the way we like it, with different shades of gray and his signature hit in the back. The contrasting gum sole is the perfect touch, whether with denim or sweats these kicks are on point. We'd like to congratulate Reebok on 30 years of success with this awesome shoe and thank them for getting us back into the sneaker of our youth. The shoes will be out July first, you can find more information HERE. For more information on STASH go HERE.