A New App Will Predict The Future Of Your Relationship

Should you stay or should you go?

by daniel barna

A new app called StayGo wants to help you make one of life's most important decisions. No, it won't tell you whether or not getting a face tattoo is a good idea (it’s not). Nor will it help you decide who to vote for in this year's upcoming presidential race (not Trump). Instead, using algorithms so intricate they could make Mark Zuckerberg jealous, StayGo wants to help you decide if a relationship is worth pursuing or if it's time to rejoin Tinder.

Based on various bits of data that you provide, the app will grade different aspects of your relationship. It will also ask you for constant updates about various aspects of said relationship, kind of like a nosy best friend except this one shuts off with the ease of a swipe. 

However, what really makes StayGo revolutionary is the way in which it democratizes your relationship. Everyone wants to know what their friends and family think about their significant others, and StayGo makes that possible without you having to actually ask them. All feedback about a relationship remains anonymous, so you never have to know which of your friends knocked your significant other's inability to express themselves through fashion. 

The app was developed by a company called Inevitable Digital, which is "a unique partnership of leading academic relationship scientists and award-winning media producers." Its CEO, Jim Casey, believes that StayGo is just the natural evolution of apps like Tinder and Bumble.

"Online dating sites help you find a date, but they can’t tell you if that relationship is going anywhere, how to get what you want, or when it might be time to end it. StayGo answers all these questions,” Casey said. "Whether it confirms that feeling in your heart that you’re with the right person, or that feeling in your gut that you’re not, StayGo allows users to finally make informed decisions about their love lives—whether to stay or go.”