Stephen Colbert Takes Over Public Access Station, Interviews Emimem

it’s all for you, monroe, michigan 

This is undoubtedly the biggest moment in the history of Mpact, Monroe, Michigan’s premiere (and only?) public-access station. Last night, Stephen Colbert rolled in and—perhaps as a warmup to his forthcoming Late Show debut—took the heck over.

Supplanting (and then interviewing) the regular hosts of Only In Monroe, Colbert spent a full 42 minutes offering the kind of local news and color Monroevians (Monrovites?) depend on. After that, he brought on Michigan native Eminem for a splendidly awkward interview about the rapper’s favorite Bob Seger songs and other crucial hip-hop matters.

Yes, the whole thing is a joke, but it’s also 100-percent serious and sublime. Enjoy the whole damn thing.