The Story Changes Have a Grungy New Guitar Jam for You

by nylon

The more The Story Changes change, the more they stay the same.more

The indie duo from Dayton, Ohio, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and that was cause for the group to revisit its early material in a pair of special hometown shows. As singer and guitarist Mark McMillon says, "falling back in love with those old songs while feeding off the direction we took with Static and Trembling (2013) all directly influenced the next sort of evolution of The Story Changes. In a way it feels like it has all come full circle."

The result is Never In a Daydream, a four-song EP due out Dec. 16 on Little Heart Records. The lead single is called "Shredding Skin," and we're pleased to debut this grungy, hooky rager—a tune whose '90s-ness isn't lost on the man who wrote it.

“When I listen to these songs off Never In Daydream, I tend to get the same dizzy feeling in my heart that I used to get as a kid in the late '90s, wide-eyed with headphones on," McMillon says. "I can't think of a better feeling to chase."

"Everything about the writing and recording process of these new songs felt so completely honest and pure," he adds. "There were no distractions, no game plan. It all just came together quickly, and the songs just felt right."

Watch the story continue to unfold over at the band's website.