our favorite pieces of the fair weren’t always hanging on walls.

by nylon

There's more than just art to look at during Art Basel Miami; half the fun of the design-centric weekend is checking out what the party-goers are wearing. So when we heard that Dakota Solt and Lisa Ziven, the duo behind fashion collective Crybaby Presents (you may remember them from our October It issue), would be heading south for the festivities, it was obvious who we wanted to shoot some street style for us. Here are some of their favorite looks from Miami--including a few actually shot in front of art (how meta, we know). We can say with certainty that some of these would look as good hanging on a gallery wall as they would in our closet.

Nail artist Madeline Pool at the "It Ain't Fair" OHWOW opening.

Brittany, seen at the Nada Art Fair, says her style inspiration is "mixing prints with classic silhouettes."

Claire Distenfeld, owner of NYC boutique Fivestory, wears a white peplum to the "It Ain't Fair" OHWOW opening.

Yara, a designer, describes her style as "urban."

Obesity and Speed's designer Lyz Olko says when she gets dressed she thinks, "Which dirty white T-shirt should I wear today?"

Rebecca describes her look at the Friends x Family NADA Pool Party as "mom style."

LA artist Marina wearing Crybaby Presents!

Crybaby Presents designers Lisa Ziven and Dakota Solt at the OHWOW/Terrywood party.