street style: fun fun fun fest

the loudest statements in austin were made off-stage.

by nylon

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012

went down this weekend with a splash, a bang, or really any other booming sound you can think of. Yes, the music was loud--after all, among the headliners were Refused, Run DMC and A$AP Rocky--but so too was the fashion.

From black lace to cut-outs to serious cat-eye shades, there were plenty of bold statements being made. Our Austin correspondent Tiffany Diane went crowd-surfing for style and hit the jackpot. Click through the gallery for our favorite looks from the super-fun fest…and then start your SXSW countdown.


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Who: Jules Medeiros from Dum Dum GirlsFavorite FFF Fest Band: The Black Lips

Who: Ashley Buchanan, music program specialistFavorite FFF Fest Band: Santigold

Who: Jess Williamson, musicianFavorite FFF Fest Band: Nite Jewel

Who: Yasi Salek, editor-in-chief for Cultist zineFavorite FFF Fest Band: Bleached, Turbonegro

Who: Courtney Voss from the band Feathers

Who: Caley CarmichaelFavorite FFF Fest Band: Feathers

Who: Tiffany Diane, our NYLON Daily Austin correspondent!

Who: Cheyenne Jannise, works at Emo's EastFavorite FFF Fest Band: Refused