retro street style from reader submissions!

by nylon

Inspired by Piper Weiss' recent book, "My Mom: Style Icon," we asked readers to send in photos of their parents' most stylish moments. (You can see NYLON staffers' submissions here.)

Below, our eight favorites, which span from the '60s to the '90s, and feature NYLON reader moms from all over the world!

Plus: Visit Piper's blog to see what started it all.

Eva Bowering from Tomorrow Never Knows sent her mom in a bikini...

Look closely and you'll see that Kira Shelton's mom has a purse that says "I Heart NY"

Vincent from Ghost of Banquo admires his mom and dad's style.

Emma Cooper's mom, Valerie, wears a vintage kimono in the '70s

Muriel Paton's mom, Miriam Garcia, does Royal Tennenbaums chic!

Maxine Fraivillig's parents in the '80s.

Emma's Mom, Valerie, stars in a homemade birthday card

And Eva's mom has her photo taken in the orchard!