Designer Wendy Nichol Reveals The Calming Secret Ingredient In Her New Medicinal Fragrance

Hint: it’s green

by Hafeezah Nazim

New York City-based artist Wendy Nichol has already mastered designing effortlessly cool leather goods, jewelry, clothing, handbags, and accessories for her namesake line, but her latest foray into the world of fragrance is will truly help you find your chill. 

We recently caught up with Nichol in her downtown Manhattan shop as she discussed why her leather atelier is her favorite place to be, and revealed the secret calming ingredient inside her new medicinal fragrance. 

"I just made a fragrance for our brand called Potion No. 1, which was an experiment for me because I haven't ever really worked in that before. We worked with a company in the South of France that helped me make a medicinal, oil-based perfume, and all of the oils in it are hypertensive, meaning they can lower your blood pressure," she said. "It is a unisex fragrance and the secret ingredient is marijuana." Talk about total relaxation.

Go inside the studio with Nichol, above.


Produced & Directed by: Tina Vaden

Shot by: Maddy Talias and Tina Vaden

Edited by: Tina Vaden

Featuring: Wendy Nichol

Music: Kermode - Christian Nanzell, Coyote - Christian Nanzell via Epidemic Sound