stüssy livin’ shampoo

Good hair vibes…

by Christian Lavery

Every day when leaving work to head home, we walk by the Stüssy shop right here in Soho. And it was just last week that during this same walk, a line starting from that very storefront and wrapping around to the next corner had formed with countless individuals hoping to get their hands on whatever the cult streetwear brand had been releasing (It was the Stüssy x Flatbush Zombies Summer 2013 Capsule Collection). Clear evidence that not only do people love Stüssy, but they live for it. So it only makes sense that in an effort to appease the fans, they would expand past apparel, past accessories, and into hair care with their latest Stüssy Livin’ original shampoo. The revitalizing mojito-like scent consists of sweet orange and fresh mint while moisturizing your hair and cleaning your scalp. Pick up a bottle HERE, before that block-long line starts forming.