movie marathon: fall outfit inspiration

    let these '90s heroines be your style spirit animals.

    by liza darwin · September 04, 2014

    You don't need a trend forecaster, a magic ball, or even a runway show to tell you what you already know: the '90s are back, have been back forever, and probably aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

    Not only is this reason to rejoice (and keep your plaid shirts at the front of your closet), but this also means it's the perfect opportunity to rewatch all the best '90s classics. These movies are great from an entertainment standpoint, but even radder, they're overflowing with outfit inspiration just in time for your fall uniform overhaul.

    From the obvious (Clueless, The Craft) to the sartorially underrated (hello, She's All That!), we've rounded up eight awesome reasons to binge-watch '90s movies tonight. Your closet will thank you.

    Tags: film, fashion
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