We Rate The Best Subscription Boxes: Clothing

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In the past weeks, we've covered so many types of subscription boxes: beauty, fitness, DIY, accessories, and even kawaii. Now, it's time to get into clothing—covering those services that deliver full-on outfits ready out of the box for you to flaunt. While nothing beats a good shopping binge IRL, there's something to be said for getting a mystery in the mail that could contain your next go-to piece.

We tested out four of the most popular: Le Tote, MM.LaFleur, Stitch Fix, and Wantable, to see which stylists felt our vibes, which boxes were worth the cash, and if we would consider going back for more. The biggest (and nicest) surprise with clothing boxes is having a stylist pick out something you'd pass right by in a store, and having it look uh-maze-ing once you throw it on. We were treated to items we picked out ourselves (OMG black clothing? Self, how did you know?) and also pleasant surprises from stylists like a pair of super-pale, distressed skinny jeans that we tried on, you know, for research, but wound up falling in love with.

Our Favorite: Le Tote


Cost: $59 a month for unlimited totes with free shipping, purchase what you like at a discounted member price.

The dirt: For those (like us) who want not one thing on the rack, but at least all of it, Le Tote is for you. While the term "clothing rental" might seem like a turnoff to some, we got excited. Unlike other clothing subscription services where you have to decide almost immediately if you want to purchase items, Le Tote is more laissez-faire—think of it as the Netflix of clothes. Pay the $59 monthly fee, start adding things to your virtual closet, and then wait for customized boxes full of clothing and fashion accessories. Here's where it gets good: Not only can you preview your box and swap items out, you can wear everything for as long as you want until you decide you want new clothing. When you do, simply send everything back. One thing we loved—our new boxes were sent out once the tracking number was received, not when the return reached Le Tote, meaning we were able to get new boxes on the reg with little time in between. Should you decide to keep anything from a tote, buy it at a discounted price.

Code: Enter "NYLON15" at checkout to get $15 off your first month. Expires June 30.



Cost: $20 styling fee, which is applied as a credit toward anything you purchase from your shipment.

The dirt: Wantable operates like most subscription boxes: there's an initial styling fee, you take a quiz, they send you surprise goodies, and then you have seven days to try things on and decide what to keep. Featuring brands like Cupcakes & Cashmere, BB Dakota, BeachLunchLounge, Fifteen Twenty, and Project Social, the items generally range from $50 to $100, and span styles from casual to glam. Wantable definitely got our memo of black and leather, delivering a moto jacket with heaps of fringe, a dress with laser-cut leather, and pleather leggings. We loved it all, and the quality met expectations. Unfortunately, nothing fit quite right, so we had to send things back, and if you find yourself in our situation, the $20 fee is non-refundable. However, if you get a box where you want to keep items, that $20 styling fee is applied to your final purchase (yay!).

Stitch Fix


Cost: $20 styling fee, which is applied as a credit toward anything you purchase from your shipment.

The dirt: Stitch Fix is arguably one of the more visible clothing subscription brands, but for us fell a touch short. Like Wantable, Stitch Fix charges a $20 fee that is non-refundable but can be used as a credit toward items you want to purchase. You fill out a profile on their site, rate collections of clothing, note what to avoid and what to focus on, and a personal stylist gets to work. You get a box with five handpicked clothing and accessory items and have five days to decide what to love and what to ditch. While we, like with other companies, stressed edge, a love for dark colors, and fitted clothing, we got an unflattering oversized sweater with side slits, a bulky military-inspired jacket, and puzzlingly, distressed acid wash jeans (we will say, we tried these on and they looked great, though not what we asked for). Reviews on Stitch Fix seem to be varied. While others echo our experience, others have had luck, so hey, if you want to try something new, what's $20?



Cost: First Bento is free, subsequent Bentos have a $25 styling fee, which is waived if you purchase an item from your box.

The dirt: MM.LaFleur is for you fancy folk who want to strut into the office and own the room. These aren't subscription boxes, they're Bento Boxes, and they deliver polished, professional looks that make you feel like Miranda Priestly, ready to drop your jacket into the arms of an unsuspecting intern. Take a survey on the site to tell them everything from how you like your clothes tailored to how you feel about the color black (seriously!) to your job title, and in about four days you'll get your first Bento Box. The prices range from about $110 for a chic work top to $295 for a statement dress and oh, is it worth it. The pieces are selected not only for silhouette and design details but also for dynamic lifestyle, meaning they're all machine washable and travel-friendly. Everything we received was delightfully black, suitable for office and after-work, and incredibly lux. Out of everything we tried, the quality of MM.LaFleur's clothes was by far the best, though it's no wonder, when Miyako Nakamura, the former head designer of Zac Posen, is one of the company's higher-ups. The first Bento is free, so go ahead and polish up your look.