We Rate The Best Subscription Boxes: Fitness

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Last week, we detailed the best accessory-themed subscription boxes on the market (s/o to our favorite, Rocksbox!). This week, we're delving into another category: fitness. Like their clothing counterparts, there's a bevy of options on the market for every type of athletic wear. From those of you crushing it with HIIT routines or yoga, and yeah, those of you who just love a good sweatshirt and pair of leggings to watch movies in (um, we might be in that last category), we got you covered.

No matter what your level of fitness is, there's a box out there ready to add to your arsenal of cute kicks, sports bras, hoodies, and more. We even tested out a box of mindful products to nourish both the body and soul, because fitness doesn't just end at the gym. Read on to see how each box stands up, and grab yourself one in the process. We even got you exclusive discount codes so you can reward yourself for your hard workout efforts not with junk food, but with more chic options to inspire and motivate. A daily dose of #Fitspo, below.

Our Favorite: FYTSO


Cost: Free, only pay for the items you want to keep.

The dirt: One thing we enjoyed about FYTSO is that there's NO stylist fee, making it a unicorn in the world of apparel subscription boxes. Once you create an account, fill out a profile that includes usual details like height, weight, and the types of exercise you normally engage in. They also ask what colors and prints you love, and which they should stay far away from, and have you rate sample outfits. We also liked that they gave the option of uploading a pic of yourself, so the stylists can physically see your body type and the type of clothing you would normally wear.

From there, they pick pieces and before sending them out, email you an overview. Our stylist didn't quite get things right on the first go-around, but after sending feedback asking for edgier items, we were stunned with the revised selects. Having control and a direct conversation with a stylist makes all the difference, and we loved everything sent to us... a little too much perhaps. R.I.P. already to the mesh-paneled Reverie leggings we received—they fell victim to a week of partying in Miami (but in the process, we got so many compliments!).

Code: Enter "nylon10" at checkout to get a 10 percent discount.



Cost: $20 styling fee, which can be applied toward payment for the items you want to keep. 

The dirt: Fill out a profile (you know the drill by now), with preferences on everything from workout routine to sizing and styles, and then the stylists take care of the rest. They prepare and send a box with five items that are a mixture of fitness and lifestyle tops, bottoms, sports bras, outerwear, and accessories like socks or headbands. A new SweatStyle delivery will arrive every three months after that, featuring brands like Alala, Koral, Vimmia, and more.

We loved that they featured small, up-and-coming labels and adored our maroon and gray-themed box which included a sports bra, leggings, and a chic shirt with an all-seeing eye. We kept the fleecy "coffee & cardio" sweatshirt which, naturally, has only been used to laze about the house (the sleeves have thumb holes, we couldn't not keep it!). Should you decide to keep three or more items in your box, you'll get 20 percent off the total in addition to your $20 styling fee credit.



Cost: $20 styling fee, which can be applied toward payment for the items you want to keep.

The dirt: Wantable is the big boy on the subscription box block, with divisions dedicated to everything from activewear to intimates. Once you complete your profile, they send a box from the newest and hottest brands like Onzie, Lukka Lux, and Pink Lotus, and items generally range from $30 to $70 each.

We adored our box, which was a healthy blend of vibrant colors and black-on-black-on-black. The cage-back sports bra top could be worn inside and outside the gym, gray-and-white pixelated camo leggings were such a fresh print, and a light, black zip-up jacket with gold accents was the hero piece we wanted to hold onto and never let go of. Wantable, you totally get us. Should you want to buy anything, the $20 styling fee is applied toward your first purchase.



Cost: $32.95 a month with $5 shipping or $355.40 for the year (discount of one month free).

The dirt: BuddhiBox shares products in all things natural, fitness, and yoga. Founded by a yoga teacher, each BuddhiBox contains four to six products that are a mix of trial and full-size. Should you like the mini products they send, you can purchase everything directly from their site. Not only did we get Australian Gold's Hemp Nation Kiwi-Mango body wash with pure hemp seed oil, we received vegan recipes, an herbal Ayurvedic drink mix, and even cards with yoga poses that explained the how-to as well as health benefits. This is a truly unique box that caters to a holistic view of well-being.

Added bonus: Every month a portion of BuddhiBox's sales goes toward supporting a charity, because as they say, it is truly better to give than to receive.

Code: Enter "nylonyogi" at checkout for 15 percent off your subscription. 



Cost: $24.95 a month plus $3.99 shipping inside the U.S. and $7.99 shipping outside the U.S.

The dirt: The concept here is very simple: Sign up and every month, they send you a pair of high-quality leggings that are perfect for not only a jog in the park or your morning tai chi ritual, but everyday wear as well (and what's the point of getting leggings if you can't do all of those things, right?). We loved the straightforward idea of SpandexBox and shoot, we can never have enough leggings. Seriously, can you have too many leggings? If you're asking yourself this question, obviously you need more.

Code: Use "NYLON50" at checkout for 50 percent off your first order.