the curious case of clove cigarette lip balm.

by liza darwin

There's the absinthe-scented lip gloss and the tobacco-inspired body cream. But the latest in this line of strangely appealing fragrances comes from Tokyo Milk, whose new collection of dark lip elixirs let you smell like Roses to Smoked Salt and everything in between.

Some of them, like the overwhelmingly, chocolate-y sweet Coco Noir and the stiflingly fruity Cherry Bourbon, were just too much- who wants to reek of sugar or alcohol all day anyway? But the other far-out flavors, like Clove Cigarette, are weirdly intoxicating.

A subtle mix of lavender, vanilla, crushed herbs, and spices, this luxe balm is unusual enough to be a smoky alternative to everyday staples like Rosebud Salve, but subtle enough to ensure that nobody will think that you're actually smoking.

And at only $7, here's one vice you don't have to feel guilty about.

See all the flavors here.