Batman Will Appear In Suicide Squad

holy grainy footage, batman!

God bless all those people who hang around movie sets with their smartphones.

Yesterday, some of those eagle-eyed heroes uploaded a shot of a stuntman in Batman’s familiar cape and cowl on the set of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie in Toronto. As you can see from the video above and the embeds below, the Dark Knight was snapped by a full crowd while riding on top of what’s purported to be the Joker’s car. Classic Bats.

Already, we had inklings that the Caped Crusader would appear in the villain-led DC Comics adaptation when the Batmobile was shot spinning through the streets of the city. Now we’ve got the Bat himself vaulting from his ride onto a flashy supercar that other spotters already snapped Jared Leto’s Joker stepping out of earlier

This is the latest in a long line of set leaks that director David Ayer recently justified on Twitter:

Not pictured on set was the man under the cowl for the upcoming Superman v. Batman, Ben Affleck. While the community-populated IMDb listing for Suicide Squad features his credit, there’s been no confirmation of Batfleck’s appearance from Warner Bros as yet, although he has been spotted on the set before. That said, it’s a good bet we’ll at least get a glimpse of his chin when Suicide Squad—starring Leto, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and others—hits theaters in August 2016.