More ‘Suicide Squad’ Is Coming Whether You Like It Or Not

By way of an extended cut

Suicide Squad may have totally flopped in theaters (disappointment of the summer much), but DC is still looking to cash in on the franchise once it comes out on DVD. It was announced that the movie was getting an extended cut earlier this month, and now, we’re getting at taste of what those extra minutes are going to include.

Judging from the trailer released today, it will involve a lot more of Jared Leto and Margot Robbie (the latter being, arguably, the best part of the movie) and include further information surrounding the couple’s backstory. Leto, who was, arguably, the worst part of the movie, has spoken out about the Joker’s lack of screen time before. So, this looks to serve as redemption on his part.

It also looks like we’re going to get more action scenes and banter among the villains. How good those extra bits will actually be is still to be determined. We won’t say no to more Harley Quinn, though.

The DVD will be available digitally on November 15 and on DVD and Blu-Ray December 13. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer above.