Suki Waterhouse Gets “Brutally” Honest About Breakups In New Video

No fairy tales here

At the age of 25, Suki Waterhouse is already a big deal in the acting and modeling world. After adding designer to her resume with the launch of accessories line Pop & Suki, it makes sense that she now has set her sights on music. Her latest offering, that she premiered back in November, is a beautiful breakup ballad called "Brutally." The mellow song is an acoustic anthem for the brokenhearted struggling to recover from having their feelings dumped on.

In the recently released accompanying music video, directed by Émilie Richard-Froozan, camcorder close-ups of the singer-songwriter are cut with clips of dramatic scenes from old movies. The juxtaposition depicts the difference between our childhood perception of love as a fairy tale versus seeing it for what it really is when we become grown-ups, which she further discussed with Refinery29.

"We get told these stories and then we get so disappointed," she said. "We hold love to such conditioned narratives, and I'm forever searching for answers in an imperfect structure."

Waterhouse wanted to capture the moments when she "was finding hard to sit and be alone with my thoughts and memories." Looking back on all of the footage, Waterhouse now feels a sense of closure as she gained "an understanding of who I used to be." She adds, "It's a record of the tapestry of my life."

Watch the grainy visual unfold in the video, below.