Summer Camp Crazy

get ready, it’s crazy good.

by liza darwin

There's nothing wrong with a straight-up performance clip. But still, one of the reasons why we're so in love with Summer Camp is the fact that their music videos go so far beyond that. Whether it's posing cheesily with cats ("Losing My Mind"), reading the news ("Two Chords"), or going full on flower power in '80s suits ("Fresh"), the Brit duo is masters are making vids you basically have to watch over and over again. The latest, for their new single "Crazy," is no different.

We don't want to spoil it for--you'll have to see it yourself!--but let's just say Elizabeth and Jeremy take the song's name literally, and pack the vid with ridiculous, unexpected twists. It's catchy, it's fun, and it's, yup, totally insane. Because for Summer Camp (and for us!), being normal is overrated. 

Check it out below, and listen to more Summer Camp here.