burberry makes a shady play.

by faran krentcil

When it comes to fashion, Burberry has the outerwear advantage over us in the U.S. - but since London's weather is so tumultuous, that's not a surprise. But now the British brand releases their latest eyewear collection, and there's a problem:

Despite the fact that America gets more sun, and creates more sunglasses trends, this stuff is just as cool as anything designed here.  And since they've got their whole "English heritage" vibe, they can use silhouettes from the Mods, the Punks, the Teddies, and the Sloane Rangers (or as we used to call Kate Middleton's crowd in Scotland, "The Yahs").  That means there are thin frames, thick ones, metallic edges, plastic options, and a series of sick neon shades that pop just enough to cut through a summer haze.

Oh, and this season, some of the sunglasses fold up so they don't break or crack - because apparently the Burberry people realize looking cool isn't enough anymore, we also expect utility and innovation.  Damn.

Burberry sunglasses, $190 - $330 on