Photo courtesy of Lao Ra


Sunday Sizzle: Lao Ra Is Rocking Those Colombian Vibes

Even when she’s far from home

When summertime finally rolls around, nothing is more fun than the combo of good food, good music, and good company. So every weekend, we’re bringing you BBQ must-haves from the hands of our favorite artists so you can get a real taste of what their lives are actually like. Get your hands on the Sunday Sizzle while it’s hot.

Despite her conservative upbringing, Colombian pop star Lao Ra is never afraid to speak her mind or defy cultural norms. Last year, we premiered her video for "Jesus Made Me Bad," which challenges her conservative Catholic culture (to her mother's dismay). And although she's a rebel at heart, when it comes to family cookouts, she's all about tradition.

"Back home we would have a BBQ very often because it's pretty much summer all year long. My dad loves being in charge of it and we would have all the family together and the dogs would be running around," she says. "We would all watch Real Madrid's game and then have a nap in a hammock after food. Proper Colombian vibes!"

Nevertheless, the vibes don't end there. Lao Ra is also a big fan of Latin music. She's currently obsessed with "La Bicicleta," the summer banger by Colombian superstars Carlos Vives and Shakira.

If you want to hear more from the South American singer, check out her latest single "Drum Machine."