power-up your cover-up.

by sarah wasilak

Even though we tell ourselves we can do make-up anywhere, it's not exactly easy. The truth is, our faces only look really flawless if we prep them in front of a well-lit mirror. So check out this compact by Stila. It's complete with a mirror that illuminates as soon as you open it, which is really convenient. What's even cooler: it's solar powered. To get it working, place the compact under direct sunlight for nine hours, and you're good to go. (There's a light that turns green when you've got a full boost.) For a quick charge, you can always just use your desk lamp. As for the concealer, the shimmer powder leaves you with an inner glow while the translucent powder prevents you from looking too shiny. The compact is way more expensive than the usual Stila product - it's $50. But when it runs out, you've got the option to refill it with a new shade. Plus, the solar panel can be recharged up to 1,000 times, and used in a dark party, a dimly lit bathroom, or even on the beach. In other words, this compact is in it for the long haul.

Stila solar-powered compact, $50 at