Super (Blood) Moon Lunar Eclipse: What To Expect

Intensity in (way more than) 10 cities.

by christie craft

As the weather chills and the leaves turn a crispy, pumpkin-spiced hue, our days and weeks transition from sultry and often lazy to regimented and buttoned-up as we hurdle toward winter’s slumber. For our ancestors, the Autumn Equinox—which occurred on September 23—would have been a wake-up call to prepare for the dark, cold months ahead. While most of us no longer face the challenge of literally trying to survive the winter, the universe’s message remains the same: It’s time to get serious, because change is always ahead.

One of only two days in the calendar year where day and night are perfectly balanced, the Fall Equinox causes the Earth’s magnetic fields to decrease, whipping up a surge of creative energy. This is where back-to-school vibes and new wardrobes come into play—it’s within our human DNA to create fresh opportunities with seasonal change. That energy only cushions this week’s headlining astrological event: A full-moon, full lunar eclipse in Aries on Sunday, September 27.

Full moons are already big, cosmic events, as are eclipses. What could be more powerful? A Super Blood Moon, of course, which will make the Harvest Moon appear much bigger, brighter, and tinged with a blood-red hue. Tidal patterns, animal behavior, and yes, total loonies will be stronger and seem much more bizarre with a perigee or “super” moon. Full moons have illuminating effects and can reveal information—especially about hidden aspects of ourselves and those closest to us. Because so much comes to light during full moons, this lunar cycle oftentimes brings about endings, breakups, and “closed doors.” The eclipse’s energy complicates an already-intense Aries full moon by pushing emotions and ideas previously kept in the shadows to the surface unconsciously, which can pack a major punch. The dust will take a good five days to settle rather than three due to the eclipse, so don’t be surprised if this week starts to seem like an emotional, heady game of Whack-a-Mole.

This Sunday’s cosmic show will be the fourth Blood Moon full lunar eclipse occurring in a “tetrad,” a rare series, over the last two years. Each eclipse has moved through Aries to Libra—opposite signs on the Zodiac—and has brought waves of strife and reconciliation to a specific area in everyone’s lives, depending on your natal chart. Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sag) and air signs (Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius) will feel most effected by this moon cycle. If your sun or rising sign is a fire or air elemental, you’ll feel this energy most positively, and can easily harness it for creating a more harmonious long-term environment, relationship, career, or social life. Those born under water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) and earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus) will struggle a little more with the agitating, blistering energy.

Fiery Aries ruled by bellicose Mars has the potential to inject aggressive energy into any difficult situation, so do your best to stay calm in the face of rage. Aries full moons have a dark side of influencing rash behavior, accidents, physical fights, and unruly tempers. Take extra precautions this weekend and in the five days surrounding Sunday.

The amplified nature of this moon may have you at your wits’ end, but there’s an essential depth to this lunation: Every one of us will be asked to feel deeply—the challenge is to remain rational and in control. Angry, immature reactions will cut deeply now and completely inhibit growth, possibly even damaging relationships unwittingly. The flip-side of that is patience and collaboration. Even in the face of rage, this response will move mountains against the irritating friction so palatably felt now.

Personal and business relationships famously end during full moons and especially lunar eclipses, but this moon will be practically illuminated with burned bridges. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though; death and destruction are necessary for new growth—and endings are all around us during fall’s death season. If you’ve been struggling with a relationship, friendship, coworker, or partner about essential imbalances in your relationship, expect it to come to a head. Likely, this will have been a long time coming, like a dormant volcano. 

On the positive side, closure is more likely now than ever, especially with Mercury traveling retrograde. Squashing beef, disagreements, or settling lingering grudges from past hurt will come easily now. Though hearing an apology might feel good right now, don’t be impulsive (ahem, especially when it comes to taking back exes hastily). Think everything through extra slowly, breathe, and make a more balanced decision once the moon phase has passed. 

Those in strong relationships and partnerships may still feel the boat rock a bit, but with strengthening effects. The only way to truly know someone is to struggle (or travel) with them, and you’ll feel rock solid once October settles in.