Superfood Debut EP MAM

a bit like britpop, only without the bad tracksuits.

by rebecca willa davis

With grunge, new wave, no wave, and riot grrrl already getting the revival treatment, it was only a matter of time before Britpop got its due. And lucky for us, the band that's taken the lead happens to make music that's as authentic as it is original.

Meet Superfood, a Midlands, England-hailing four-piece who in just four months have garnered the sort of buzz often bestowed upon long-established peers, thanks to their melodic--with a uniquely British snotty twist--approach to alt-rock. "It happened so quickly," admits the band's lead singer Dom Ganderton. "Me and Ryan [Malcolm, Superfood's guitarist] wrote a track called 'Superfood' on October 1st, and we had a band together playing our first show on Halloween. We've never really had a chance to have that feeling yet of, 'Hey, we're a band!' Although we did get to drive down to a show in London last week in a huge band van with TVs and everything."

What's come since? A handful of singles--namely, "Melting" and "TV," the former with a pitch-perfect chorus and the latter the catchiest ode to night owls we've heard in a while--and, come March 3, their debut EP MAM (out on Infectious Music). "It's four of the first songs we wrote together, so it made sense to get them out there before we go back into the studio and record an album," says Ganderton, adding, "It's more of a 'band in a room' vibe with these EP songs. The album is where we're going to be able to get the sound we've always wanted for Superfood; this EP is a taster."

And no matter what, they're not letting the hype (like, oh, getting tapped to play this month's NME awards show in London) get to their heads: "It's just best to shut off any outside views that other people are airing towards you when you write, and just let what comes out naturally come out. You don't have to go and sit in a cabin in Norway to write songs, but just don't let other peoples' opinions [or] work affect what you're doing," is Ganderton's advice. It's useful, especially considering that at the end of the day, Superfood is as much about crafting insanely catchy songs as they are bringing a bit of the fun. After all, as the band's frontman suggests, the best time to queue them up is "just before you leave for a party, or at the party....something party-related, anyways."

Watch the videos for both "Melting" and "TV" below, and get all of your Superfood updates here (yes, they will be playing SXSW).