The Best Keychains To Dress Up Any Bag

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    by · February 11, 2016

    Forget worrying about making your keys easier to find in your bag, keychains are blowing up as an accessory of their own. Add them to a bag, and create a whole new look—make something more fun and kitschy by adding a keychain that screams you. We personally spy a bag in the NYLON office with a Mickey Mouse glove on it (no surprise we’re huge Disney fans over here)! Keychains are made for function and to look cute! With the trend of having them hanging off your bag, they have become a huge moment for all major fashion labels. Now these keychains that everyone wants have a huge price range to them. If you’re willing to invest, there are amazing Prada keychains but if you want something fun you can eventually throw away for something better—grab something at a gift shop when you’re traveling. It can be a great way to remember something (or, ahem, someone) and carry your heart on your bag instead of your sleeve.

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