Supermarket: Blanket Scarves

    the best way to stay warm

    by · November 12, 2015

    Photo courtesy of Nasty Gal

    There are things that you can justify spending your money on, and there are things you just can’t. Take a bathing suit, for instance. When you see one for over $100, you think to yourself But it’s just two pieces of string, basically.... And while you may feel that it’s frivolous to spend a lot of money on a scarf, let us raise this argument: A blanket scarf is one of the greatest investment pieces you can buy. Since it’s basically a blanket (hence the name), you can wrap it around your neck multiple times, so it’s super-warm. Then, when you’re indoors, you can drape it over your body. So, yes, it’s multi-functional. Plus, they come in cute patterns and colors that automatically make your outfit look better. What more do you need? As you prepare for cold weather, check out our favorite picks in the gallery, above.

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