Photo via Supper

our new favorite app combines food and music

sing for your supper.

by busra erkara

There are two major categories in the app market that are ridiculously oversaturated: food and music. But incidentally, the challenges for finding the new and now prove similar in both. Cue our favorite food app of the moment: Supper. In a nutshell, it's a curated Yelp for restaurants in NYC and Austin (they will be expanding to L.A. and S.F. soon) that gives you a glimpse of the restaurants' dining room playlists and what kind of atmosphere to expect, recommendations on what to get, and even insider tips like, "Allow more than an hour to wait for brunch on the weekends." (Portlandia's "Brunch Village," anyone?)

If you came for the music, the app also proves to be a two-way mirror as it asks music labels like Rough Trade and Captured Tracks for weekly, curated playlists. For those who came for the food, and like to cook (a.k.a. me), their website is another gem, featuring recipes (with chef's commentary) from even more restaurants, and providing two different playlists—one for the kitchen, and one for the table—on the same page, minimizing your trip between tabs and apps as you're trying to get the whole goddamn thing together.

Well, turns out our feelings of respect and admiration are mutual: It took Supper. only one trip to NYLON offices to realize what a food-loving bunch we are. Without further due, here is what we will be eating and listening to for the remainder of the spring. Bon Appétit!