Rey Pila’s “Surveillance Camera” Makes Creepy Cool

Premiering right here

On Tuesday, four dudes from Mexico City will take the stage at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, New York, to open for one of the biggest American rock bands of the last two decades. Their names are Diego Solórzano, Andrés Velasco, Rodrigo Blanco, and Miguel Hernández, and together they make up Rey Pila, who will be warming up the crowd at The Strokes' Governors Ball warm-up concert.

When Solórzano started the band in 2010, he couldn't have possibly guessed that his music would find the ears of Strokes frontman, Julian Casablancas. But it did, and Casablancas dug their sound so much that he made them the first official signing to his imprint, Cult Records. Last year, after touring with other impossibly cool rock acts like Interpol and The Killers frontman, Brandon Flowers, the band released their album, The Future Sugar, filled with sinewy and catchy songs that recalled, well, The Strokes. One of those tracks is "Surveillance Camera," and we're premiering the video for it right here.

The clip, directed by Warren Fu, features Solórzano playing the role of an obsessive stalker, which does little to diminish his cool factor. "I like videos where the vocalist plays a part outside of themselves," Fu says. "So I saw this as an opportunity for Diego to become an obsessive stalker. So while the photography is slick and beautiful, the mood is also a bit creepy and dangerous." The video showcases a charisma and knack for crafting sticky melodies that should serve the band well as they continue their quest for Stateside dominance. 

Watch the video above, and if you can't make the show at the Capitol on Tuesday, they'll be the headliners at New York's Baby's All Right the following night.