a whirlwind week with the california sister act.

by liza darwin

Jennifer and Jessica from Bleached rocked SXSW. Not many other bands can play a whopping 13 shows in four days (including our own NYLON party), serve up BBQ bright and early at a Bushmills brunch, and do it all with a huge smile on their faces. Get the lowdown on their epic week from the girls below:

"Hi my name is Jennifer and I'm in the band Bleached with my sister Jessica. We headed out to SXSW this year to play 13 shows! Pretty insane. We had so much fun, got to see so many friends, and met tons of awesome new people. By the last show I had totally lost my voice and all I wanted to do was sleep, but it was all worth it. Here are some pictures we took on the road. Enjoy!"

"Tour begins and we are headed out to SXSW! Passing the windmills just two hours outside of L.A. Snow is still on the mountains!"

"We stopped to go shopping in Tuscan and found these amazing tights at a stripper store...new obsession!"

"Jessie believes in tequila."

"Hanging out with Ty Segall in our hotel room about to play the Ouija Board. Ooooh!"

"We are so ready to play our first show here at SXSW! We have thirteen shows in a total of four days...I might die."Han

"Finally finished all of our shows! Wow. The only thing left to do is celebrate with pizza and a beer. Yummy!"

"Sara Jean and I at the last show, and sooo exhausted. Trying to get our energy up and not look totally f****d."

"Jess and I get really excited when we meet people who also wear oxblood Docs."