the aussie indie rockers invade austin!

by liza darwin

The Bleeding Knees Club guys are crazy- and we mean that as a compliment. If you've ever been lucky enough to catch Alex and Jordan live then you know that each show is a party, complete with major headbanging, dancing, and all-over-the-place energy (their debut album comes pretty damn close to capturing this rebellious exuberance, too). The guys brought all this down to Austin last week for SXSW, and took us along for the ride....


"This is a big guy on a big horse."

"Bleeding Knees Club and Lohyou sharing some pizza at SXSW."

"This guy was walking in slow motion. I think..."

"Brett got some $1 water off this old man. He was a pretty chilled dude."

"Scott from Class Actress being all sassy at SXSW."

"Bleached playing in a nice forrest."

"Cool vest, bro."