takashi - a meat lovers paradise

All Angus Everythingggg…

by Josh Madden

Takashi - A Meat Lover's Paradise

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, my name is Yung Will and I’ve been getting to know NYC by eating my way through the city. Recently I got step out of my norm and enjoy the delight that is 


.Takashi is a meat lover's paradise located in the West Village and when they say their menu is all beef, they mean it! They spend months hand-picking choice cuts of premium Japanese and American angus that are delicately prepared and served raw to be grilled right at your table.

To be honest, a good portion of the menu was foreign to me, which can be intimidating--but I’ve found if you put your dinner in the hands of the chef, they know what’s best and they’ll take care of you. Preceding the meal I had some appetizers of cabbage topped with a white miso dressing, beans and sprouts, and house-made kimchi. It was great to start the meat-filled dinner with some fresh veggies.

I kicked off my night of entrees with the Yooke, a thinly-sliced chuck eye tartare topped with a quail egg and a special sauce. It took some convincing on their part because I had never had straight up raw meat, but I’m glad they did! It was so sweet and full of flavor I couldn’t even tell it wasn’t cooked, so it was definitely worth it stepping out of my comfort zone.

Next up I had the house made Bresaola, a Kobe Beef prosciutto topped with Bayley Hazen blue cheese, micro scallions and a soy hazelnut honey mustard. Despite my rusty chopstick skills, I was able to wrap up all the toppings to complete this sweet and savory dish.

Following these roll-ups was the most familiar part of the night, grandma's steamed beef shank buns. It included a premium slice of angus on a cloud-like bun and topped with a spicy mayo in a build-it-yourself fashion. I can’t stress how soft these buns were--I was blown away, and I’m always down for all things spicy mayo related.

Now for the main event. The grill in the center of our table starts to heat up and I’m delivered [four plates of sliced raw meat. Starting with the Rosu (Kobe Ribeye) and the Harami (Kobe outside skirt), both only sit on the grill for a minute on each side and they’re cooked to perfection. Once on my plate I add a squeeze of lemon and they’re ready to eat. The Rosu is hands-down my favorite in this combo--it is so tender that it for real melts in your mouth. Coming in hot right after is the Kalbi (Kobe premium short rib) and beef belly. The belly is marinated in Takashi’s secret marinade, which is the chef’s grandmothers recipe and he personally makes it himself everyday. Both of which we dip in a sesame soy sauce, and both of which are awesome.

I finished out the night with some homemade vanilla soft serve topped with roasted walnuts and a salted caramel drizzle...trust me it’s even better than it sounds.A big thank you to Takashi for having me out and treating me to an amazing meal. Go check them out on Facebook 


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-photos and words by Yung Will