Watch Tame Impala’s Trippy, Feminist “The Less I Know The Better”

trevor for the win.

Is the new video for Tame Impala’s “The Less I Know The Better” the hallucinatory, feminist, sex-positive version of Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time?” The answer to that loaded rhetorical question is, yeah, sure, why not?

After all, both videos center on high-school romance. Both videos feature girls pining over jocky boys. Both videos feature boppy dance numbers in the gym. Both videos, however, do not feature a gorilla named Trevor, highly loaded signs and signifiers of female desire and pleasure, or a sex act that even the most daring R-rated films don’t depict.

Directed by CANADA, “The Less I Know The Better” offers a lot to read into along with its poppy visuals and, just like the lyrics of the original song, centers around a dude who just can’t deal with the fact that his crush is in command of her own pleasure. Sorry, man, but Trevor’s in and you’re out.

Enjoy the NSFWish sights, sounds, and gorillas, above.