Let’s Get A Tarot Reading With Michelle Tea

‘Modern Tarot’ is out now

Writer Michelle Tea is known for many things—work that stays with you long after you put it down, a literary nonprofit, Sister Spit tours with like-minded feminists, and, in general, being an all-around brilliant queer punk witch. With her newest book, Modern Tarot, she’s entering a new space; or rather, she’s bringing us into a space she’s been in all along. 

As it turns out, Tea has 25 years of practice reading tarot, starting on the streets of San Francisco as a teen and continuing into her professional adult life. Modern Tarot takes that experience and combines it with Tea’s recognizable writing style that’s equal parts memoir and poetry, thus creating a tarot guide that transcends its own genre. 

The poignancy of her prose has gotten me through some tough times, and so when Tea’s new book arrived at our office, I had one thought: Must. Get. Tarot. Reading. And so, we packed up the gear and headed out to her house in a beautiful, tree-lined neighborhood in L.A. (don’t ask me where—I’m a New Yorker). In the video above, watch as she makes my dreams come true with potentially the most accurate tarot reading I’ve ever gotten. And be sure to grab a copy of the book, which is out now—even if you totally don’t believe in any of this new age shit, it’s a great read.

Directed by Cortney Wilson.