taste of summer

get ready for a pop-aissance.

by sophia jennings

Since we're still recovering from our National Donut Day tour, we decided to look for a lighter summertime indulgence. And with the recent news that froyo is on the decline in NYC (gasp!) and the plethora of NYC-based popsicle connoisseurs, we're predicting a serious pop-aissance this summer. Because really, what's better than a portable afternoon frozen treat?

We researched everything from frozen gelato popsicles at Popbar to frozen fondue bars at Trop Pops and compiled a lengthy list of the best popsicles in the city, so you never have to try the same one twice. Check out the slideshow and taste summer.

photo via gabandgobble.com

People's Pops

photo via popbar


photo via thehighline.org

La Newyorkina

photo via marketsofnewyork.com


photo via thesuburbanjungle.blogspot.com

Edy's Fruit Bars

photo via blogspot.com

Ciao Bella Sorbet Bars

photo via @goodpop instagram


photo via amazon

Raw Pops

photo via 100cafestreet.com

Power of Fruit Bars

photo via viva pops

Viva Pops

photo via sergetheconcierge.typepad.com


photo via king of pops

King of Pops

photo via usa today

Pleasant Pops

photo via innocent ice pops

Innocent Ice Pops