Illustrations by Alina Reynoso


All About Taurus: Your Complete Guide To The Sun Sign

Everything you need to know about Taurus

by christie craft

There’s not much mystery to Taurus’ grounded, down-to-earth personality—what you see is often what you get with these stable souls, born roughly between April 20 and May 20. But their simplistic, uncomplicated nature doesn’t mean those born under the second sign of the zodiac are without depth or layers of feeling. Nothing could be further from the truth—gentle Taurus is a true romantic with tendencies toward the sappy and sentimental. To be sure, the bull is a tough nut to crack; you won’t see these salt of the earth types shed a tear (or an emotional outburst of any kind, really) easily, no matter how hot the flames of passion may be.

Being the number two sign of the zodiac, Taurus isn’t one to charge into a situation blindly and assume the role of innovator or commander. Following fiery Aries—who’s all about the chase to the crown—Taurus is firmly focused on harvesting the earthly rewards of old-fashioned hard work, especially in the form of luxury splurges, decadent eating, drinking, indulgent spa treatments, and lazy lounging. The virtues of being the second sign of the zodiac also prime Taurus as a brilliant employee, right-hand partner, or assistant supervisor. Still, reliable Taurus makes for excellent, fair—even regal—leaders and bosses, but their stubborn, comfort-seeking nature often overshadows any adventuresome spirit that may command change. These folks tend to find themselves at the helm only after a few gentle, supportive pushes with silk gloves from the dearest members of their herd.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, personified by the Greco-Roman goddess of carnal pleasures, romantic love, beauty, luxury, and money, who commands these natives to take every opportunity to indulge their senses. True, Taurus doesn’t deny themselves much—these creatures need to be surrounded by pretty, delicious stimuli at all times—to maintain a peaceful, harmonious, and beautiful existence. This trait gives Taurus natives a well-balanced taste for design and aesthetics, both in their personal presentation and in their homes. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone with Taurus as their Sun or Ascendant sign who lived in a space that was anything less than prop-styled and curated, no matter how small, cramped, or oddly cluttered their place may seem. (Hint: That “clutter” is controlled chaos that’s been sorted six ways to Sunday in Taurus’ logical, systems-oriented mind—don’t touch it, it’s art.)

Thanks to Venus, Taureans are hopeless romantics who need to be loved with all five senses in order to be successful and productive people. Their need for demonstrative love is endless without being needy or restrictive, but these ultra-tactile, cuddly folks are usually attentive friends and lovers who will happily repay your time and affection by making whatever pleasurable, physically indulgent fantasies you might be harboring—bulls are equally as good in the bed as they are in the kitchen! Taurus people tend to keep thick broods of close friends and family around them, equally for companionship and merrymaking as for security and support.

Taurus is associated with the earth element, which roots these people firmly in the ground, lending them a practical, conservative air in navigating their day-to-day lives and the world at large. Steadfast and patient, bulls are glad to plod along solo on their own happy, Zen path to their goals until they’ve achieved them to their own satisfaction. Tauruses are creatures of habit, but not to the obsessive-compulsive degree of their elemental sister sign, Virgo. They won’t become unhinged if their toothbrush is scooched over an inch. Still, you could practically set a watch to their routine—after all, Taurus is known as the most reliable sign of the zodiac. That clockwork dependability can sometimes be Taurus’ weakest point, however: There’s a reason why this hard-working sign is symbolized by the bull—Taureans can be extremely stubborn and bullheaded. Their fierce focus can also shift Taurus’ parental nature into over-protectiveness and possessiveness, which can be draining for their inner circle.

As a Fixed sign, Taurus belongs to a group of four signs—a “quadruplicity”—who occur at smack-dab in the middle of their season, such as Taurus in mid-spring, Leo in mid-summer, Scorpio in mid-autumn, and Aquarius in mid-winter. Describing Taurus—and all Fixed signs—simply as “focused” would be a grave understatement. Fixed signs understand that success is birthed from unflinching resoluteness in their actions, and Taureans know that calmness and objectivity will sweeten the pot at the end of the rainbow. Determined and stable, Taurus isn’t into struggling or fighting unnecessarily; they just want to concentrate on reaching their goals. Personalities like these are staunchly self-sufficient yet generous in their own actions (sometimes to a manipulative fault), but will never forget kindness or favors lent to them in times of darkness and hopelessness.

Taurus and other Fixed signs run on independence that can be tinged with competitiveness and showiness at times, but for all their beloved independence and solitude, these tough cookies are typically family- and partnership-oriented. A true Venusian value is Taurus’ commitment to harmony at home and with their spouse, partner(s), or SO. They are devoted lovers and partners, and will put extensive thought and planning into making their special someone consistently and steadily happy. Taurus’ affinity for all things touchy and physical make this sign one of the sexiest, virile champions in bed.

Venus also makes bulls lavish and thoughtful gift-givers. You can easily determine how hard a Taurus is falling for you by how sappy the mementos, presents, and trinkets they bring you are. Usually, they’ll relate back to some small personal factoid you shared with them in the past, and you’ll be thoroughly charmed. The trap’s been set. And you better cherish that bauble openly—Taurus is deeply sensitive (though they may not admit it outright) and can feel slighted easily if they feel their generosity and powers of manipulating comforts are being taken for granted. On the other hand, if you don’t receive gifts from your Taurus lover, consider your involvement casual in the most superficial sense.

Physically, Taureans have sturdy, well-built frames and musculature that roots them to the earth. No matter how petite or slim and willowy a Taurus may seem, no gales will knock them over anytime soon. Their neck and shoulders are typically broad and strong, generally possessing a statuesque quality—you know you can lean on these people. Taurus’ gaze is steady and unwavering but non-threatening, and their eyes are usually wide, dark, and innocent, like a puppy’s. Taurus is uniquely earthy in the sense that their energy seems derived from older, more primal elements of the natural world. These folks love to be outside, and can sometimes have a ruddy or bronzy, sun-kissed tone to their complexion. Taurus’ hair is often thick but uncomplicated and easily managed, and many Taurus natives boast impressive beards or a ruggedly unshaven face. The bull is ruled by the neck and throat. Taurus is usually one of the quietest people in the crowd, possessing a pleasant, calm speaking voice—until they let out a hearty, belly laugh, warming everyone within earshot.

Style-wise, Taurus is a simple dresser with a penchant for uniform styles and classic silhouettes. Their overall vibe is adaptable, comfortable, functional, and earthy—yet relevant design and aesthetic are weighed equally against pragmatism and utility. Those born under the sign of the bull are sometimes easily swayed by a fancy brand name, especially when it’s a trophy they’ve earned their damn selves. Comfort ultimately wins the day in Taurus’ wardrobe, which is usually flecked in all shades of green—everything from acid lime to emerald will make these earthy beasts glow—as well as dependable neutral tones. Jewel-toned hues—especially mustard, mandarin orange, and shades of ochre—are Taurus’ sartorial wildcards, especially as punchy accent pieces, like a silky scarf tied around the neck, structured clutch, or tidy manicure.

Shadow Side

Lovable, gentle, and dependable, Tauruses are the all-star employees, caretakers, and Masters of Chill who aren’t easily angered or upset—but those are just the strengths of this complex sign. Peel back the tough-but-calm exterior layer and find Taurus’ darker side, populated by petty insecurity, escapism, unmovable stubbornness, laziness, and jealousy.

First things first: You mess with the bull, you get the horns. There’s no pushing Taurus into territory they’re not comfortable or ready to enter, and if you try, be prepared for double the firm pushback. That tenacious stubbornness is usually one of the first trademark Taurean characteristics to pop up in young bulls’ developing personalities, and can affect every move Taurus does—or doesn’t—make in life. Overly cautious natives of this sign may miss out on rare opportunities to embark on unique, fun adventures in life, and can even block these steady, driven workers from advancing their careers. Uncertainty scares the pants off of these earth signs, making some otherwise ambitious, game-minded Tauruses wet blankets.

Motivation is a big challenge for Taurus, especially in everyday tasks that might not be very pleasurable. Though bulls gain power through productivity, getting going—especially when ensconced in a chill lounge or snack fest—can be like pulling teeth. Taureans succumb to laziness and procrastination when they’re feeling especially insecure or ineffective, and at their lowest can even become enslaved by addiction as a form of escapism. Aside from the occasional excessive indulgence, Taurus isn’t all rose-colored and lazy—far from it. When these personalities become mired in sloth, the root of the issue is lacking self-esteem and confidence in their ability to get the job done right. Meeting the unrealistic expectations of others can create an insurmountable obstacle for eager-to-please Taurus, and those born under this sign would do well to establish their own expectations to measure themselves and their progress.

The concept of a comfortable future is Taurus’ main motivation at the end of the day, and thanks to materialistic Venus, this can often manifest negatively as an obsession with objects as a means of status. Taurus is the hoarder of the zodiac—every little thing in their possession is valuable and meaningful. This mentality can trap Taurus in materialism fueled by the lower ego, greed, emotional possessiveness, and jealousy.

For all their mushy-gushy shows of affection, Taurus still has a propensity for selfishness and narcissism. When a bull sets their sights on a target, they effectively don blinders that make it impossible to become distracted by the (legitimate) emotions and needs of others. It’s not that Taurus doesn’t care—it’s just that they oblivious. If all of their energy is focused on themselves (and, at its core, it is), they can become ignorant of basic graces and come off as rude or inconsiderate.

How to Love a Taurus

You’ve found yourself smitten with a snuggly, headstrong Taurean. What do you do? Relax, first and foremost—these powerful earth signs can smell anxiety like cheap cologne on a fucboi, and they don’t dig it, babe. Bullish lovers come with a requisite gauntlet of tests designed to gauge your trustworthiness and temperament; it’s subtle—you likely won’t even know you’re being examined. Should you meet your Taurus’ sometimes-lofty expectations, you’ll be allowed to pass through a series of portals leading you through a labyrinth of intimacy until you reach the core—their heart. Be warned, though: Venturing to the center of the Minotaur’s Labyrinth is not for the flighty, fickle, or faint of intention, and can take many months or even years to fully reach. These beasts are rough riders and can be painfully slow in matters of the heart, taking each step in the journey cautiously with gingerly, dainty hooves, so be prepared to be extra patient in playing the waiting game if your love is really real.

When a Taurus has their eye on you, though, you may not know it outright at first (again, those adorable hooves take baby steps). Taurus’ take on love is very physical, earthy, and raw, thanks to sweet planetary ruler Venus and their elemental nature, earth, mingled together. These personalities are incredibly loyal and trustworthy partners, sensuous and doting lovers, and fantastic gift-givers—not to mention some of the best friends any sign could hope to have in their squad. To keep Taurus on your team, you just need to show up and be there. Truly, all you need is love. It’s easy!

Most Compatible Matches

Taurus gets on famously with their sibling earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo, along with emotionally tuned-in water signs, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. Water signs form especially powerful bonds with those born under the Taurus constellation, and like ancient waters carved monuments of the earth (hello, Grand Canyon, anyone?), these signs tend to force bulls into new psychic territories, ultimately shaping their emotional capacity. Though Taurus is born with a soft, sensitive (and usually sweet) center wrapped in a thick protective hide, they can only take so much intensity from signs like Scorpio—their direct opposite on the zodiac wheel—once their armor has been pierced, and seek more balanced ground. Libra—who shares ruling planet Venus with Taurus—can sometimes be the wildcard thrown into the deck, attracting these gentle Venusians with their tranquility and grace.


Only the most fortunate among us can count Taurus as a friend, and if you can call a bull your bestie, well, you’re golden. Being a low-key social gadfly, Taurus is practically a professional friend, rivaling Aquarius and Sagittarius on the scene of who’s who. Ultimately, Taurus trumps their sense of adventure and freedom with their ironclad sense of duty. This is the sign you call upon when you’re stuck in a jam—Taurus will cancel lesser plans to attend to your latest drama, to help you move, or to put in a good word with higher-ups in the professional sphere.

Taureans form fast friendships with other Tauruses (hello, narcissism) and fellow earth-oriented signs, Capricorn and Virgo, who can appreciate their logical mindset and methodological existence. Water signs—Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio—also become tight friends with Taurus, often introducing them to new levels of emotional consciousness. Be careful, though: Water signs like to stir earth signs’ proverbial pot and can sometimes get Taurus into trouble, particularly with substance abuse and overindulgence. Self-preserving Taurus will calmly wade back to more shallow waters if they feel they’ve gone in too deep, blocking out their social calendars to rest and recharge.  


Taurus is one of the easiest—and paradoxically the hardest—signs of the zodiac to lock down as a long-term partner. When they’re ready to take on a primary partner in crime or SO, there’s no stopping them until they’ve found what they’re looking for, then good luck getting rid of them when they’re comfortable. On the other hand, even if they’ve met the ideal candidate—you know, the kind of person who checks all the boxes—if the timing isn’t just so in their life, they will pass. Taurus isn’t taken by force, either, and while they appreciate persistence and drive, you simply can’t push these stable spirits.

Slow and steady wins the race to Taurus’ heart, and the journey is quite the sensual trip. Bulls take pride in doting on their dates with thoughtful gifts, rich dining experiences at the hottest spots, and carefully planned trips. Live music is a favorite pastime of Taurus, along with taking in art and design shows at museums, galleries, and public art spaces. Pleasurable experiences are what Taurus thrives on, and they’re looking to link with someone who knows how to stop and smell the roses in life. Don’t expect dates to go quickly, either; Taurus runs on their own leisurely time (although they are always punctual and never late), and enjoy la dolce vita—languidly eating meals of several courses over hours, then strolling through a gallery or over to a late show. Ultimately, they want to engage all of their five senses as much as possible while they’re alive, and they want you to be right beside them absorbing those same sensory experiences.  

Taurus isn’t a big fan of PDA, but they can’t resist physical touch. Tactile, Venus-ruled Taurus natives melt like butter at a sweet smooch or neck and shoulder rub. In private, Taurus can be almost as touchy as they get, constantly cuddling, caressing, massaging, even tickling their partners. People-pleasers to their core, Taureans live for making their one and only happy, and will often communicate their love through cooking and making sure you’re well taken care of. And because of their doting, observant, and loving qualities, Taurus natives are known as incredible parents and guardians to children. The only downside to becoming hooked up to a Taurus is their slight tendency toward possessiveness and jealousy. Bulls are territorial and like everyone to know who belongs to whom, which can be exhausting for the more extroverted signs. Those that are well-matched with Taurus will easily accept this slightly annoying shadow trait as a demonstration of their love and the value they place on your essence in the foundation of their life.

How to Lose a Taurus

For months, maybe even years, you coasted along together happily, if not comfortably, with your Taurus until one day the love rug gets pulled out from under you, cold. They’re gone. And once they’ve made their minds up to leave, there’s no stopping them. Forget about sacrificing your dignity by begging and pleading on your knees; destroying your own self-respect will decimate their respect for you, pushing them further. No, you don’t want to leave a bad or pathetic taste in this iron-willed sign’s memory—unless you want them to completely vanish from your worldview. Stubborn and hard as oak, Taurus isn’t one to dole out second chances willy-nilly.

A surefire way to turn off a Taurus is with thoughtless, rude behavior. Making these strong-but-silent types feel unimportant or disrespected will have you seeing a less-than-warm side of the bull pretty quickly. Independence is seen as sexy and vital to Taurus, and while they love to know they are needed and valued, they despise desperately needy, clingy types who can’t handle their business by themselves. Weakness is the ultimate turn-off and they need to know you can get down to earthy basics if need be. And despite their sometimes minimalistic, simplistic nature, they know when you’re being cheap—don’t even think about taking them someplace subpar or skimping out on their birthday or anniversary gifts. A bull never forgets though they may forgive easily for their own peace of mind.

The penultimate offense to a Taurus is disloyalty. Fucking around on a Taurus behind their back isn’t advised, at least not if you want to ever speak to them again. Taurus is chill but ultimately an agonizingly competitive sort who is prone to jealousy and possessiveness, especially in interpersonal relationships and matters of the heart. It’s rare that these personalities will concoct a bogus reason to hide in the bushes jealously or mark their romantic territory all over you via social media (they do that), but put them in a position where they feel threatened by a rival and you’re entering the danger zone.

Taurus isn’t as quick to spew flames of anger as, say, Aries or Sag, but once the great beast has been awakened, take cover—their tempers are more likely to resemble unshakable avalanches and earthquakes. Let the rage run its course until cooler heads prevail, then expect a frank discussion and (if the offense was grave enough) a swift and immediate amputation and cauterization of the relationship. Finito and moving on. But beyond the physical plane, unfaithfulness and disloyalty on a basic friendship level is the most serious kind of disrespect that can’t be undone in their deeply sensitive psyches.