tavik swimwear

There’s no wrong way to do a bikini but Tavik does it better…

by Josh Madden

When it comes to bikinis, it's our high opinion that there's no way to do it wrong--but still, there's always room for improvement. Our good buddies over at Tavik sent over the new campaign video for their Pineapple Samba bathing suit and oh-good-lord is it beautiful.

The 90 second long piece of cinematic perfection stars model Sahara Ray, a pair of pineapples, and one amazing bikini. While the temperature here in the city drops, it's nice to know that someone, somewhere is hanging out with very little clothing on. So grab a bowl of pineapple and watch the video below a couple times, then head on over HERE and check out their full collection of rad menswear...but we won't judge if you spend some time looking at the swimsuits first.