Pop Artist T.A.Y’s New Single Is Peak Summer Jam

BRB, adding to our warm weather playlist

Jersey girls do it better. I say this as a Jersey girl myself, but, where’s the lie? Take upcoming pop singer T.A.Y. for example. The 21-year-old takes cues from Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, and Britney Spears, but is very much her own artist.

Today, we’re debuting her single “Nothing Feels Better,” and we’re ready to put it in the running for song of the summer. Here’s what the singer had to say about the track: "'Nothing Feels Better' is about the push and pull of attraction. It's about how the same thing that pushes you down, can also bring you up. It's about love, lust, and wanting to feel the same."

Her next single is titled “A-Hole,” so, we think we know how this relationship panned out. Listen to “Nothing Feels Better,” below.