Taylor Swift Invites Lisa Kudrow To Sing ‘Smelly Cat’ Onstage

$1’smelly cat, smelly cat, it’s not your fault’

by jenny lee

Taylor Swift's 1989 tour is a gift that keeps giving. So far, we've seen a slew of famous people appear on stage with the singer, sometimes performing songs with her and, at other times, simply walking the stage alongside her. And sure, some people find all the celebrity appearances a tad unnecessary or overdone, but even the biggest skeptic will crack a smile at Swift's latest celebrity invite.

Swift proved she, like most of the world, is an avid Friends fan when she called out Lisa Kudrow to the stage to sing "Smelly Cat." The song became popular as a sort of anthem of Lisa Kudrow's character, Phoebe, who would play it at the coffee shop where the Friends characters would hang out. Anyone who loves the show would know and love the song, evidenced by the many singing along in the fan-recorded video of the performance.

She may get hate for it, but Swift really knows what she's doing.