Taylor Swift Loses It In Video For “Blank Space”

50 shades of tay.

by sara tardiff

We know that evil exes have a way of riling up Taylor Swift , but in her newest video for “Blank Space,” when her temporary boyfriend mistreats her by texting another girl, there is no way she is shaking it off.

TBH, Swift absolutely loses it... She sets his stuff on fire, throws an axe around, attacks his sports car with a golf club, and cuts the nipples off his shirt Regina-George style. She sits on her bed in this massive Versailles-type mansion, dressed in gorgeous black lingerie, violently stabbing a heart-shaped cake. We are not joking. 

Remember way back in the day, listening to Swift's break up anthem “Picture to Burn” and thinking no one got your anger quite like Swift? Well, the unexpected climax of “Blank Space” takes breaking up to another level. She poisons her misbehaving man with an apple, flails around on his dead body a little, and then STARTS KISSING HIM?! Okay, Taylor...

“Darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream,” doesn’t even begin to cover it, girl.

Update: This music video was basically Taylor's way of playing off the public's perception of her. Way to go, Tay.

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