Taylor Swift Releases ‘Out Of The Woods’ Music Video

the woods = 2015?

by jenny lee

We don't mean to over-analyze, but Taylor Swift's release of her "Out of the Woods" music video on New Year's Eve seems pretty symbolic. It's as if Swift wants to say that the woods not only represent the tangled relationship that she endured with Harry Styles (who happens to be vacationing with a certain Kendall Jenner right now...), but they also represent the close of an eventful 2015. In which case, we're finally out of the woods and into 2016, and we were gifted a music video in the process.

Swift, who is usually accompanied by a really handsome man in her music videos, decided to tackle this one solo. It certainly shows a tougher side of Swift—she outruns a pack of wolves and doesn't mind getting down and dirty in the mud to prove how emotionally toiling these woods really are. The visuals are stunning, and the whole video's got a dark fairytale vibe to it that we're digging. Aside from Swift dramatically fleeing the wolf pack, she gets stuck in some Harry Potter-esque vines and crawls through some mud, keeping the video's visuals straightforward—and maybe that's just a gambit to sidestep any "Wildest Dreams"-like controversy.

Either way, 2015, which arguably was Swift's year, may be over—but 2016 looks pretty promising for her so far.