Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Is So Cheesy It Might Be Good

meet sexy taylor

In her two previous videos for 1989, Taylor Swift did peppy and psychopathic. Now apparently it's sexy time. 

In her latest music video, "Style," Swift recreates just about every bedroom song music video cliché (there are shots of her under a sheet, running through a forest, arching her head back slowly, and looking into a broken mirror). And while she might be going for parody, it doesn't quite read that way. If you can make it through the four-minute video, you'll see Swift's face about a million times (projected onto bedroom curtains, dresses, shattered mirrors, and imagined in the rearview mirror of her lover's car), a shirtless man staring into an ocean cave, Swift caressing her body, and some weird not-quite-a-plotline plot play out. It's palm-to-the-face stuff, and nearly impossible to watch without shuddering, unless that's exactly what she was going for. In that case, great job Tay Tay!