Photo via @taylorswift on Instagram


watch taylor swift surprise her bff for her birthday

best. present. EVER.

Being Taylor Swift's best friend isn't a bad gig, and proof came this weekend when Swift posted several videos of her BFF Abigal Anderson's 25th birthday party. Swift, who went to high school with Anderson and was the maid of honor at her wedding, surprised her pal with an impromptu sing-along with Chris Carrabba, the frontman for Anderson's favorite band during high school, Dashboard Confessional. 

"One thing that I think it's really important that you know, if you don't already know this—a lot of you probably know this," Swift told the crowd, "Her favorite all-time band in high school and still, is Dashboard Confessional." At that point the crowd goes wild and Anderson, in a show of nervous excitement, puts her hands to her mouth. Because when you're Taylor Swift's bestie, you know that a Chris Carrabba name-drop will be immediately followed by a Chris Carrabba performance. That's just how these things go. Watch the special moment below, in three parts.