if t.swift were a ’90s supermodel

this is what she would look like.

I sometimes like to imagine what my favorite celebrities would have looked like in other eras. It's not hard a hard thing to daydream about, seeing as most of my favorite celebs are actors and actresses—playing characters from the '30s, '60s, and '80s.

For instance, we recently got to see what Emma Stone would have looked like if she had lived in the age of cabaret. We got to see Felicity Jones as a '60s mega babe. And now, we get to see what Taylor Swift would have looked like if she were a supermodel in the '90s.

Thanks to the 1989 musician's Wonderland magazine cover, Swift is channeling Brooke Shields and Cindy Crawford during the age of Joradche jean ads—and I am basically obsessed with it. From her bronzed skin to her swept back hair and rust-colored smoky eyes, it feels a lot like this photo could have come straight from a retro ad for a fashion designer's ski-lodge inspired winter collection.

It's not surprising, though, to see a totally new look for a starlet on the cover of Wonderland (see the gallery for more of their rad covers), but for their November/December '14 issue we're thinking they totally outdid themselves with this slammin' throwback version of Tay Tay's always-perfect beauty look.

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