Get Ready For A “Big Joyous Celebration” With Teen Suicide’s New Release

their first album in four years

If you're at all familiar with Baltimore outfit Teen Suicide, you know that they've spent the last four years basically dormant. So we were excited to hear that the eclectic noise pop auteurs were gearing up for a new full-length album, aptly titled It's the Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir the Honeypot, due out this April. Just in time for the weekend, we're premiering the music video for the cheeky title track "The Big Joyous Celebration," and its accompanying video right here on NYLON.

"Depression is a construct," the band quietly loops over weeping violins and piano-key scales. They see this as a more glass-half-full message than anything depressing, a bright view that manifests in the video's sun-soaked panels and morning-bell chimes. That's not to say Teen Suicide is letting go of their signature creep factor, though—lurking in the background are lone woodland wanderers, abandoned ashtrays, and, oh yeah, eerie masked men with permanently etched in frowns. Confusing? Yes, but oddly captivating too. "It’s about death, sort of, and rituals," band lead Sam Ray explained. "It’s kind of a love story, but not in a romantic way. Like a love story between a sort of ‘collector’ who knows how to raise the dead, and the now-reanimated bodies he’s able to summon and then hunt down." 

This was Ray's first dive into professional videography. "I had no experience with editing or color grading, beyond working on old skate vids when I was a youth," he told us. "We just sort of shot it in everyone’s backyards, houses, the state park, cheap motels around the city, stuff like that. It was very fun, even if it was sort of like having a headache that wouldn’t go away."

Watch Teen Suicide's mesmerizing new video, below. Pre-order the album before its April 1st release here.