telekinesis “spin the black circle”

You should only cover a classic jam if you can do it this good…

by Josh Madden

Getting charged up for our travel out to Texas, we stumbled across Merge Records' band Telekinesis' cover of Pearl Jams' mosh-inducing "Spin The Black Circle." This little piece of amazing went right on our iPod, and is just what we need for making it through the hustle and bustle of multiple airports on our journey to the music mecca of Austin.

We are firm believers that a cover should only be done if it gives the original a run for its money and the Telekinesis buds have done just that. It just so happens that Vitalogy turns 20 this year, so what better time to revive its lead single. Check out more music from this Seattle gem of a band HERE, and find them on Twitter HERE and Facebook HERE.