editor’s pick: give thanks

go on, tell your friends that you heart them.

by rebecca willa davis

Thanksgiving has all sorts of traditions--big meals, upbeat parades, endless football games--but there's a new one I'd like to propose: Saying thanks to your friends.

We've got Mother's Day and Father's Day, religious holidays, birthdays...but we really never get to tell the people closest to us just how awesome they are.

And why not? In this modern era our interactions are usually limited to liking someone's Facebook post or snapchatting a friend a funny photo; we no longer have those hour-long conversations and when we do hang out, we're usually running late and pre-occupied with checking our Instagram feed.

All it takes is sending a card that let's your BFF know how awesome she is. And no, texting them that doesn't count. It needs to be a real card with some real thought put into it (I'm going with Ashkahn's "You Complete Me Card"). So who's with me?!