11 gifs for a real thanksgiving treat

om nom nom nom.

Thanksgiving is the first in a long series of eating engagements that mark the holiday period. Prepare yourself for the ultimate in gluttony, stuffing your body to the point of pain, drinking enough to finally tolerate extended exposure to your family, and then fitfully trying to sleep it all of before waking up in the morning to take advantage of the second great American pastime: Shopping. But let's face it. Thanksgiving is not easy. If you are cooking, you are stressed; if you are attending a dinner, you worry that you don't have a space/family/bird of your own; if you are with family, then, well, that can be a whole other bird to stuff, so to speak.

So, hey. You deserve a break. Let's remind ourselves what Thanksgiving is about, which is: Silly images on the internet, played on repeat ad nauseum

The classic: Julia lets her bird get jiggly with it.

Look at these friends. Don't you wish you had a pal as good as Woodstock? 

Pusheen knows what you knead.

Haaayyy, Kramer! Didn't expect to see you here!

Just remember, no matter whose table you are sharing: Mind your manners and show expertise in etiquette.

Never forget how epic Friends-givings have been, through the years. 

Ron Weasley shouts out the unsung hero of the holiday: The drumstick.

Even mutants love Thanksgiving!

The entire Addams Family Values' Thankgiving scene is worth a watch, so here it is.  

Sorry, one more Friends gif. 

And, when you are all done, feel free to let it hang out.