take your doodles on a cross-country tour!

by liza darwin

Doodling has an undeserved bad rap.

Maybe it's the teachers who'd call you out for drawing in the margins instead of taking notes, but whatever the reason, it's usually associated with goofing off.

But "The Sketchbook Project" considers your idle drawings works of art. It's a self-proclaimed "concert tour, but for notebooks," and anyone can participate (even if you're better at stick figures than serious art).

All you have to do is pay $25 to participate, and the Art House Co-Op will mail you the package that contains your Moleskine notebook and your assigned doodle theme.

After your sketchbook's filled with whatever inspires you, you mail it back, and all of the books travel the country together at different galleries before finally settling into the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Art Library.

Join the Project and learn more here.

And who knows? Maybe your old teachers will see them and change their minds after all.