The American Dream Tour

Bring Me The Horizon & Of Mice And Men share the shredded in NYC!!!

by Josh Madden

The American Dream Tour

Last November we sat down with Bring Me the Horizon vocalist 

Oli Sykes

and chatted about his 

top 10 favorite movies to watch while on tour

. Since then, the band has been riding high on the success of their most recent album 


, selling 27,000 records the first week, which landed them in the #11 spot on the Billboard top 200 charts.

When we last talked 


, he hinted at some big tour news for 2014--and this weekend we got to experience it firsthand. With back to back sold-out nights at the Best Buy theatre in Time Square, they brought out all the bells and whistles for their set. We're talking canons blowing millions of sparkly pieces of confetti into the crowd, fog machines that would blast smoke from the stage to the ceiling, and a hypnotizing laser light show you can't look away from.

We were fortunate enough to catch the opener, longtime bros 

Austin Carlile

and his band Of Mice and Men get the crowd warmed up before BMTH… and by warmed up, we mean 30 continuous minutes of straight moshing. These guys have been putting in work for a while, and there's no disputing that they've arrived.

After OM&M's set, all you can see is a giant white sheet concealing the entire stage. The room goes dark and blue lights project silhouettes of the band as the first track starts to pulse. When the song kicks in, the scrim falls and the collective voices of the singing audience is deafening, setting the pace for the entire set. There was more crowd surfing during that hour than we've ever seen. Durning a single song we witnessed approximately 50 kids surf from the back of the room all the way to the stage just to high-five Oli.

This show is definitely not to be missed, so make sure to check The American Dream tour dates 



Check out Bring Me The Horizon on Twitter 


and Of Mice And Men 


! Also, peep the videos below for Bring Me the Horizon's "Can You Feel My Heart" and Of Mice And Men's"Bones Exposed" below.

-words by Yung Will