the art of butcher billy

Our new favorite…

by Josh Madden

The Art of Butcher Billy

When we stumbled across

Butcher Billy's

art last night, about an hour disappeared in what seemed like minutes...yeah, this dude's stuff is that rad. Little is known of the pop culture-splicing genius outside of the fact that he was born in Kentucky, and he relocated to Brazil a few years ago, and is now a creative director at an agency there. A little internet digging turned 


post where he discusses his comic-meets-real world take on things, but that's all we could really find.

While there isn't much written word on 


, there is page upon page of his art, which is fine by us. The artist--who takes his name from a character in the comic book series 

The Boys--

has carved his own artistic lane by splicing pop-culture with comic style art and we can't get enough of it. The good news is you can buy poster-sized prints of these awesome pieces 


and view his insane portfolio 


. You can find him on Facebook 


and follow him on Twitter 


...we're definitely going to be keeping up with everything this dude does, he's our new favorite.